Reverse Mortgage Loans from Landmark

Throughout the years you’ve sacrificed and saved all that you could for retirement. But have you saved enough? That's the question on the minds of many of the retirees we meet. With medical advances, people are living longer than they ever have in history. Add to that the cost of inflation and increasing medical expenses. It may be worth taking a closer look to be sure your retirement assets will last. A reverse mortgage loan with Landmark Mortgage Planners may be the perfect planning tool to help you live out your golden years in security and comfort.

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Benefits of a Reverse Mortgage with Landmark Mortgage Planners

More Stability

A Reverse Mortgage from Landmark can pay medical bills, protect your investments, and provide cash for unexpected expenses. It can be used to eliminate your current mortgage, pay taxes, and provide needed maintenance for your home. Finally, our reverse mortgage cannot be foreclosed on due to an inability to make a mortgage payment and can even be used to pay off a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Learn More...

More Money

Would you just like to make the most of your retirement without concerns about outliving your investments? Golf more? Eat out more? A reverse mortgage from Landmark can provide additional income that you cannot out-live and is not subject to income taxes. Delay Social Security and qualified plans to maximize your benefits. You worked hard all of your life. The Make the most of your golden years. Check it out...

More House

Live in your dream home without any mortgage payment and still have the cash reserves you need to feel secure. Landmark's reverse mortgage has allowed many people to get a larger retirement home with about 50% cash down (depending on age), and no mortgage payment! Other retirees have used a reverse mortgage to finance the purchase of a second home. Get the details...

More Fun!

Make your Golden Years more golden by doing all of the things you have dreamed you would do "one day when you retire" - Travel to exotic places, own that boat, pay for your grandchildren's education, buy the car you've always wanted. What if you had an account that you could draw from tax-free without affecting how it appreciates? What would you do? That is your house with a reverse mortgage. Learn how...

Why Landmark Reverse Mortgage?

We are big enough to do the job right, and small enough to care about each and every one of our customers. We have an average rating across the internet of 4.8 out of 5 Stars - and that's from over 750 reviews! We recruit and retain the very BEST professionals in the business and then provide them with the best resources, tools and training.  Learn more about Landmark Mortgage Planners...

The 5 Most Common Myths About Reverse Mortgages!

In this report you will discover...

1). The little known "Mortgage Elimination Strategy" that can wipe out your current monthly mortgage payment.

2). 10 ways that savy financial professionals are using reverse mortgages to dramatically increase their wealth.

3). The surprising truth about who really owns your home after you implement a reverse mortgage.


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