The HECM Reverse Mortgage Resource for Financial Planners

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10,000 Baby Boomers are retiring every day, and 68% of them expect to have a mortgage in retirement. Because of the drop in the market and sustained low rates of return, many seniors are not as prepared as they thought they would be for retirement. Others who have been retired for years are facing the possibiltity of outliving their retirement.

What if we could show you a way that you could leverage your retired clients' home equity in a way that allowed them to maximize income, while protecting their investments, remaining liquid, resolving longevity concerns, and improving lifestyle?

The game changer is the recent changes to the HECM line of credit that has a rate-competitive guaranteed growth factor built in, that is independent of home value. Any portion not used is federally guaranteed to grow, providing a great advantage in a slow growing, stagnant, or unsure real estate market. There are many instances where home owners and heirs have cashed in lines of credit well in excess of their home's value when they are ready to sell. In addition all withdrawals from a reverse mortgage are tax-free, completely liquid with no penalties, and don't affect the way the asset (in this case the home value) appreciates.

The HECM line of credit has provided a way to tap into previously unused wealth in the home, and is perfect to protect a portfolio in a falling market, fund long term care, delay social security and qualified plans withdrawals, and so much more. As a result, many financial planners are finding the HECM Reverse Mortgage an invaluable tool for retirement planning.

You are probably familiar with Barry Sacks, the Real Estate Tax Attorney and Theoretical Physics PH.D. at MIT. What you may not know is that he is a huge advocate of the HECM Reverse Mortgage...

One question friends ask is would I do it myself and the answer is not only would I, I have. And I’m very very pleased with the result. It has really made my life in retirement a great pleasure. It enabled me to not worry.

I was listening to a well known financial advisor the other day, who erroneously stated that he could not recommend a reverse mortgage for the caller's situation because "reverse mortgages were designed for income and caused the homeowner to forfeit the home". He could not have been further from the truth. Home owners retain the exact same rights with a reverse mortgage as with any other kind of mortgage, and they can be used to benefit the client in so many ways other than income. This has been true since the Reagan Administration! He immediately lost my respect and I will probably never listen to him again, because it was clear to me that he wasn't invested enough in the people looking to him for advice to stay current regarding matters related to financial planning.

Many of your current and potential future clients have thought about or are looking into a reverse mortgage. And if they aren't, they probably should be. We have designed this page as a resource for financial planners and advisors. Scroll down for a variety of videos designed to educate financial advisors on stategies to solve challenges facing retirees today. Please take the time to watch them and decide for yourself.  At Landmark Mortgage Planners we have trained HECM experts available to answer all of your questions and to partner with you to design a solution specifically suited to your clients' needs. Contact a HECM mortgage professional today to schedule a meeting or to run a scenario for one of your clients.

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