Enjoy Your Golden Years to the Fullest with a Reverse Mortgage

Throughout your working life you’ve sacrificed and saved whatever you could for retirement. But have you saved enough? That's the question on the minds of nearly every retiree we meet. Medical advances are allowing people to live longer than ever before. When you add to that inflation and increasing medical expenses, the future may not be as certain as it once was. As a result many seniors, even if they have extra funds now are reluctant to spend their savings on unnecessary items.  A reverse mortgage loan with Landmark Mortgage Planners may be the perfect retirement planning tool to help you live out your golden years in BOTH security and comfort.

Enjoy More of the "Good Life" without Jeopardizing Your Security

Opinions about reverse mortgages have been varied though the years. And, yes, reverse mortgages have hurt some people along the way. But like many products, it is not because the product was flawed, but because of industry individuals who misrepresented and misused reverse mortgages for their own advantage.  Since the Reagan administration and the creation of the HECM (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage) in 1988, federal insurance and guarantees have been available to protect seniors from this type of misuse.  As a result, HECM Reverse Mortgages make up 95% of all reverse mortgages in the US today, and they are the only type of reverse mortgage we do at Landmark Mortgage Planners. The most common misconception is that you lose title to your home with a reverse mortgage. Here's the truth...

Actually a reverse mortgage is simply a mortgage, nothing more and nothing less. It allows retirees to convert a portion of their home's equity and turn it into tax-free money. Developed by congress, there are no credit requirements, there are no monthly mortgage payments required, and you never give up title to your home. It is simply a way to tap into wealth that was previously "locked up" in your home, and leverage it in a way to improve your lifestyle without jeopardizing your retirement income or security. In many cases, because of the flexibility it adds to your overall financial portfolio, it can actually increase the legacy you leave to the next generation.

Think about it. What if there was an account that was completely liquid that you could draw from tax-free. Your withdrawals wouldn't affect how the asset (in this case your home) appreciates. And there was federally backed insurance that guarantees growth at a generous rate every year regardless of  your home's appreciation or depreciation. So, even if your home value were to drop to half it's value, your available equity will continue to grow. This is your home combined with the new Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) Line of Credit from Landmark Mortgage Planners. With the lastest changes to the HECM Line of Credit, the retiree has options and flexibility in their overall financial plan that have never been available before. You can learn more about the HECM Line of Credit and other reverse mortgage strategies on our page devoted to increasing retirement stability.

Do All the Things You Said, "When I Retire..."

So if you had this growing equity reserve that you could draw from tax free and you were confident that your income was secure, and you had contingencies in place for medical expenses and other unexpected situations... what would you do? What have you always wanted to do, but have put off until retirement? What if that dream could be a reality? We've had many clients that have achieved their "retirement dream" with a reverse mortgage from Landmark Mortgage Planners. But that was just the start. Many have also gained additional guaranteed monthly income,  increased their financial security, and have been able to leave a greater inheritance to their heirs as well.

Go ahead... Dream...

  • Travel the World
  • Buy a Boat
  • Buy a Motor Home
  • Start a Business
  • Visit Family More Often
  • Remodel Your Home
  • Use Your Imagination...

Buy the House of Your Dreams

Many couples reach retirement and decide to sell their home to get a new one for a variety of reasons: smaller home, less maintenance, warmer climate, one story... These are all good reasons to sell. But the top 2 reasons most retirees choose to "downsize" are not good reasons.

  1. Free up cash from their home for living expenses
  2. Eliminate a mortgage payment.

Both of these can often be accomplished with a HECM reverse mortgage. Using the HECM Reverse mortgage, we have helped MANY seniors payoff existing mortgages allowing them to stay in their home, and with much less expense than relocating. We have helped others to finance the purchase of a second home and become snowbirds. And, others have been able to relocate to more expensive areas without adding a mortgage payment.

What About That Dream Home That is Just Out of Reach?

One lady had her home for sale for over a year, trying to get a certain amount so that she would have enough to purchase her "dream" retirement home. Unfortunately, the price she need to get for her current home was about $30,000 higher than the real estate market in her area would bear. To complicate matters, the dream home was in an area that was appreciating faster than her current house. Time was not going to fix her situation or get her the dream home.  Solution: She sold her home for the market value and a reverse mortgage provided the $30,000 to buy the dream home - with no monthly mortgage payment. In addition, she was also able to get a guaranteed monthly income for life! Because of the higher appreciation in the new home, along with the cushion provided by the additional monthly income, not only will she have her dream home NOW but she will likely pass a greater inheritance to her heirs!

We have an entire page devoted to housing strategies using a HECM reverse mortgage, with actual examples of people whose housing dilemas have been resolved using a reverse mortgage. Learn more.

Leave a Legacy for the Next Generation

If you are like most people, you want to leave something for your children and heirs. What most people don't understand is that the security and flexibility provided by the HECM Reverse mortgage combined with a solid plan, often results in a larger estate - not a smaller one. Another consideration that some of our clients have found extremely gratifying - share some of that inheritance now, while you are still around to watch them enjoy it, all without affecting your retirement income or financial security. Some reverse mortgage clients have been able to help their loved ones with downpayments on houses, college educations, home improvements, funds to start a business, family vacations and more!

Whatever your dream, give us a call and let us see what we can do. Landmark Mortgage Planners will provide a reverse mortgage proposal tailored to your specific needs, along with a consultation where you can get answers to all of your questions - Always FREE and with NO OBLIGATION.

Why Landmark Mortgage Planners?

We are big enough to do the job right, and small enough to care about each and every one of our customers. We have an average rating across the internet of 4.8 out of 5 Stars - and that's from over 750 reviews! We recruit and retain the very BEST professionals in the business and then provide them with the best resources, tools and training.  Learn more about Landmark Mortgage Planners...


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