Bob Massi “The Property Man” on Using Reverse Mortgages for Home Purchase

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Watch the latest video – Bob Massi, “The Property Man”, interviews 2 couples and their loan officers to understand the benefits of using a reverse mortgage to purchase a home. The 1st couple, the Kramers, sold their existing home for $500,000. They used $143,000 of the proceeds to purchase their new home (valued at around $300,000), paid off the mortgage … Read More

Reverse Mortgages Result in More Steady & Increased Income in Retirement

In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, staff writer Jeff Brown quoted Jamie Hopkins, Associate Professor at American College of Financial Services… Traditionally, the thought has been to wait until a reverse mortgage is needed before getting one. As changes in the reverse mortgage product (HECM) and our overall economy have evolved, the case for getting a reverse … Read More

Reverse Mortgages Are Better When Implemented Earlier in Retirement

In an article he wrote for Forbes Magazine, Wade D Pfau makes a very strong case for implementing a reverse mortgage in a retirement plan earlier rather than later. Mr. Pfau, is not only a regular contributor to Forbes, the well-known financial publication, but is also a Professor at the American College, Principal at McLean Asset Management and author of … Read More

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